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About Us

Cherry Orchard Publishing LLP was founded in 1995. A company that was born from determination and focus to create a platform of being able to provide not only quality greeting cards at a competitive price but coupled with high standards of customer care and service to the Independant retail sector.

Now 19 years later and headed up by Jackie Collins, Cherry Orchard continues with this ethos and is still very proud to state that it is one of just a handful of publishers who have their own dedicated, employed Sales Force, which has enabled us to build strong and lasting relationships with our customers over the years.

Now with a portfolio in excess of 2000 designs, covering seasonal and everyday product, we continue, as always to provide a comprehensive selection which delivers a broad commercial offering to all of our customers. We pride ourselves in covering all major and minor captions, based on quality, innovation and value for money.

Our portfolio of product is enhanced regularly by new designs and launches of new ranges which continues to allow us to offer a refreshed, updated portfolio for each and every visit.